Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In the moon of wintertime...

"Faith is contagious. One does not catch something by hearing someone speak of a virus or by studying it, but rather by entering into contact with someone who has it."

"This proposition of new life should, however, translate itself immediately, without delay, into something specific, in a change, possibly something external and visible, in our life and in our customs. If the proposal is not fulfilled, Jesus is conceived, but is not born. It would be one of so many spiritual abortions, which, unfortunately, the world of souls is full of."

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa
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Image: Madonna
Orazio Gentleschi (1563-1639)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent moments

Cada objecto es un mundo

Jorge Carrerra Andrade

Arte Poético

Comprende, comprende, comprende:
en cada cosa guiňa un duende
o una ala invisible se tiende

Aprea en tus dedos la brisa
que pasa fugaz, indecisa,
No veas el mundo de prisa,
No aprendas efimera ciencia,
que es flor de la humana demencia.
La vida no es solo apariencia.

Las aves- lección del instante –
nos dan en su escuela volante
la clave de un mundo cambiante.
La roas es crisol de alegría.
Te ofrece tesoros el día.
Gotea el reloj ambrosia.

Comprende y venera al objeto:
Penetra en ese orbe secreto
Y ea la flor tu amuleto.

Know, know, know:
an invisible wing spreads out
or a sprite winks from every thing.

Grasp the fleeting, undecided breeze in your fingers
Pause to drink in the world.
Do not learn ephemeral science
For it is a flower of human insanity.
Life is more than appearance.

Birds - lesson of the instant –
Give us in their flying school the key to an ever-changing world.
The rose is a crucible of happiness
The day offers you treasure.
The clock drips ambrosia.

Grasp and venerate the object:
Enter that secret orb
And may the flower be your amulet.

Image: Memling: Advent and Triumph of Christ

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dare to build

"To canonize a particular “style” of architecture only because of a historical association is an architectural aesthetic theology. However, the Modernist denial of historical styles precisely because of their historicity is also an architectural aesthetic theology. A Balthasarian solution beckons: begin by conceiving liturgical architecture as the form of Christ (Christus totus) in his sacramental, ecclesiological dimension in the liturgy. Liturgical architecture can therefore best be evaluated in light of its ability to bear the Christian message, that is, the “ontological secret” of the liturgical event, which by definition reveals beauty and results in joyfully rapturous discovery."

Dr. McNamara's new book is 2 weeks old. Do you have your copy?