Monday, September 10, 2007

The View From Here

"In the last resort, becoming a believer always means the same thing: another reality looms before the man who was formerly enclosed in his own being, in his own world; before him, in him, or above him---however we may express it, it is another reality, belonging to another world, from above, from beyond. This reality, this 'beyond', becomes more concrete, grows in strength; its truth, goodness, and holiness become more definite and demand the allegiance of him who has been called. The decision to entrust one's own existence to the strange reality that surpasses it, the sacrifice of one's own self-sufficiency and of the independence of one's own world will be difficult. It will mean a rude shock and a gamble. Christ has said, "He who possesses his life, will lose it; but he who gives his life, will find it." Hence the soul must first lose itself by recognizing that there is a second goal, and then must recognize that beyond that lies the true goal."

Romano Guardini

Image, "Landscape with a Specific View" by David Ligare


mames said...

You have such great art. Where do you find it?

Filia Dei said...

David Ligare came and gave us a lecture, but I like the links in my side bar, too: Artcyclopedia, and Art Renewal Center