Saturday, August 26, 2006

Del dicho al hecho, hay mucho trecho.

I take courage in remembering, as William Ware is so fond of reminding his reader, that following the Orders will not stifle a good architect's talent and creativity, but they will keep a bad architect from designing complete trash.

Note the new link: Humanist Art Review


karitas said...

And which are you, dear filia dei? ;)

Hooray for Alma-Tadema, in your previous post!

Filia Dei said...

I am neither yet, but of course I aspire to be the first or none at all...


Glad to have gotten a hooray out of you.

Bernadette said...

So today I'm playing Six Degrees of NET Seperation. Your sister was on my 2nd NET team, and today while I'm checking out the blog of a brother from my 1st NET team I see the link to your blog. So here I am! And it's fun to have found you! I think I've only ever seen you once or twice, but I feel somewhat close to you, since every time I visit Mames I sleep in your bed! :-)

Filia Dei said...

GOOD heavens: and whenever I'm home I watch the awesome movies you made and gave to the aforementioned sister and envy the family sari collection!!

What page am I linked, too, if I may ask???


Bernadette said...

Eric Mohr:

Oh, the beauty of the sari collection! My sister Jo has the most beautiful one (deep blue w/green embroidery) hanging in her dorm room right this very instant. So gorgeous.

You should check out my blogs (I have an embarassment of blogging riches...)