Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why We Study, Fight, and Love

FREEDOM, a continuing conquest,
It cannot simply be possessed!
It comes as a gift,
but keeping it is a struggle.
Gift and struggle are inscribed on pages, hidden, yet open.
For freedom you pay
with all your being,
therefore call that your freedom
Which allows you,

in paying the price,
to possess yourself ever anew.
At such a price do we enter history
and touch her epochs.
Where is the dividing line between
those generations that paid to little,
And those who paid too much?
On which side of the line are we?

…Over the struggles of consciences,
history places a layer of events
Brimming with victories and defeats.
History does not conceal them –it proclaims them.
How weak the people that accepts defeat,
That forgets its call to keep vigil
Until its hour should come.
The hours continually return on the great clock face of history.
Herin the liturgy of life,
That vigil is the Lord’s word and the people’s word
Which comes to us ever anew.
The hours become a psalm of ceaseless conversions.
Let us take part in the Eucharist of the worlds…

O earth, you do not cease
To be an atom of our age.
Learning new hope,
We pass through this time towards a new earth.
And we raise you, ancient earth,
Fruit of the love of generations,
To the love that overcame hate.

Karol Wojtya
Poezoe-Poems Krakow, 1998

Image: 'God Speed' Edmund Blair Leighton


Fidelio said...

Our president asked us at the beginning of the year, "What will you do with your freedom?"

What will we?

Filia Dei said...

At the risk of creating unfortunate verbal allusions, I think we should:

Honor God explicitly in our most minute decisions
Love everyone as intensely as possible,

I know that covers just about everything! But if you have a Catholic perspective, you keep finding, against all odds and your better judgement, freedom in generous love. Not 'free love', but freedom to really love someone as you only can when you know who they truly are. It is a greater freedom than what any president commands, and a greater responsibility, as Wojtya so gracefully expressed.

I'm sorry to be so ephemeral if you had in mind a practical suggestion? Obviously current practical needs and opportunities abound...

Fidelio said...

No, no. That's a great answer!!

A lot of what TTOd said to us was along those lines. Thanks for the thoughts!