Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ineffable: A Song For Mary

Καί πάντων τέλος έσσί, καί εϊς καί πάντα καί ούδείς, ούχ έυ εών, ού πάντω—πανώνυμε, πως σε καλέσω, τόνον άκλήϊστον.

The End of all art Thou,
being One and All and None,
Being one thou art not all,
being All thou art not one,
All names are Thine,
how then shall I invoke Thy Name
Alone Indefinite.

Saint Gregory Nazianzen
ϋμνος είς θεόν

Image: Bernardino Luini


Mark said...

Wow, that's a lot to chew on. What's sort of neat is that I know just enough Greek that I can sort of figure out some of the words in there.


Just curious - are you missing a letter on ϋμνος?

Fidelio said...


Mark, don't be a dork. More than is absoultely necessary.

Mark said...

Sorry, dear, it's beyond my control. Like a shark, if I stop, I will die.

Don't laugh at him, he can't help it - he's under treatment for it.

Filia Dei said...

Children! I told you not to make me come down there...

According to my source I'm not missing any letters, but my computer has miss-accented some characters for sure, so I just hope 'being' doesn't come out to be 'belly dancing' or anything uncouth.

And that will have to content you until the weekend because I figured out if I get everything I've planned to do by October 5th actually done, I'll have a free-wheeling rest of the semester. And I've only scheduled blogging for 'between 9 and 10 pm, second saturday of the lunar month' as Lewis says.

Mark said...
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