Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why I Love Hans

Want something stimulating? Peeping Thomists and Hans Urs Von Blathazar present the following morning wake up call.

"...remarkable though it is, not even all that we idiots with all our measures can do has yet succeeded in destroying the Church. Indeed, almost the opposite seems true: the more one violates her, the more clearly appears her inviolable virginity. The more one humiliates her, the more clearly one can see that the Church is in her own, proper place. That is, of course, in the “last” place. The saying about the last place is found on Jesus’ and Paul’s lips. What people outside the Church get up to need not worry us, but there are very many within her who think that they are doing God a service by belaboring the Church like a dusty old mattress; and indeed why not, if only they would not forget at every blow to identify themselves with what they are beating, and so were really to beat their own ancient and ailing breast. But as soon as they leave off doing that, then I cannot understand why they should be able to maintain that they have remained in the Church, that they are not kicking at her from without. However, let us leave them to their fate, or rather to gentle providence, in the hope that it may one day open their eyes to the fact that a pure Church which imagines she knows better than other Christians and which belabors the old dusty Church is not a Church at all but a Montanistic-Donatistic-Pelagian sect which has nothing whatsoever in common with the Church of Jesus Christ. But we must leave it to them to draw this simple conclusion while we move on to the more positive arguments..."

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Image: Caravaggio 'Deposition From The Cross'

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