Saturday, August 27, 2005

What Is Youth?

...It is a time given by providence to every person and given to him as a responsibility. During that time he searches, like the young man in the Gospel, for answers to basic questions; he searches not only for the meaning of life, but also for a concrete way to go about living his life. This is the most fundamental characteristic of youth.

...There is a youthfulness of spirit that lasts through time; it arises from the fact that at ever stage of life a person seeks and finds a new task to fulfill, a particular way of being, of serving, of loving... Even though you are young, the time for action is now! Jesus does not have 'contempt' for your youth. He does not set you aside for a later time when you will be older and your training will be comple. Your training will never be finished. Christinas are always in training. You are ready for what Christ wants for you now. He wants you - all of you - to to a light to the world, as only young people can be light. It is time to let you light shine!

Servant of God Pope John Paul II


Mark said...

Hey, welcome back - to the blog, anyway. Good post; it seems like JPII still casts a long shadow, as WYD evidences.

Does this mean you're back in the states?

Filia Dei said...

Thanks! After 8,000 miles in the air, train and bus systems of various countries and one brief day at home, I've landed at school only to discover that I'm a senior! I don't even know how to begin coping with this new responsibilty, especially in such a get lagged state. So, I'm contenting myself with bothering my professors and missing people in London and desperately hanging on to my remnant of an English accent.

That has nothing to do with poor JPII. What ever WOULD he think of me...

Fidelio said...

Filia, I think you know someone I know.

It's possible, anyway, considering what a tiny world the RC college community is. Welcome home!

Filia Dei said...

Of course! I know almost everyone!

Er, well, I know a lot of catholics.

Mark has my email if you want to send me a message we can hash it out.

Classes start today. Look out Philosophy, here comes the blond...