Friday, August 05, 2005

A little madness

I said to day that I was going
mad, quite mad, quite certifiably,

because quite possibily this fantastic
adventure with all of its unexpected gifts

is inconcievably turning,
as I test it, into a reality.

But how much love can truly exist
in an earthenware world without
it cracking?

Can sane people live and resist the irony
when they agree that suffering overcomes fear

with peace? And is it really
really possible to easily carry

a yoke? You say this is all for me;
Let me also spoil others so effortlessly.

Image: Hunt 'Shadow of Death'


Kelly Jo said...

Cool post--though you plagiarise shamelessly, what's your source for this one? :)

Skyminder said...

Yeah, who's plagiarized here? It's a very Chestertonian poem; I like it: this reality thing is way too exciting for me. It's such a wild ride I think I need a nap under my mexican blanket.


Filia Dei said...

Oh dear,

I'm afraid it isn't even properly plagerized because it's something I knocked together to get me out of a bad mood. Perhaps I should take it off.. or perhaps I'll take the gentlemans' suggestion and go hide under my lovely wool English Heritage picnic rug.

Sorry to get you all excited for nothing!

Mark said...

I figured it was yours since there wasn't any attribution; I liked it, too.

Hmm, you wrote it to get yourself OUT of a bad mood? Funny, my occasional frustrated efforts at creating poetry usually wind up putting me INTO a bad mood...