Monday, August 08, 2005

Gaudi, the Spanish Architect

Click here to learn about one of my heros, and the controversial cause for his beatification.

Opponents of the cause insist, ...that Gaudí's Catholicism is accidental to his genius—even a limitation on it. They believe that if Gaudí had not been Catholic, he would have been even greater...

Gaudí was recognised from the beginning as a genius, the extraordinariness of whose work lay in his attempt to harness the forms of nature. From a childhood spent contemplating nature's forms, he observed that the abstract geometry of human architecture was foreign to nature, which instead had forms that are fibrous—wood, bone, muscle—and in shapes formed by gravity. ...Gaudí's major works—La Pedrera, the Güell Park, and not least the Sagrada Familia—are initially upsetting, because they are more like nature than architecture. For the same reason they are both captivating and timeless. Everything in his work, Gaudí would later say, "comes from the Great Book of Nature"; his task was that of "collaboration with the Creator".

Click here to visit the church: Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

"Life is love, and love is sacrifice, the architect used to say ... Sacrifice is the only really fruitful thing. The idea is embodied in his great church, which he conceived as an "expiation" for the sins of the world."

Image: Nativity Facade (from my own trip to Barcelona: look closely and you can find the Holy Family surrounded by all the interesting characters of the greatest story ever told.)

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Mark said...

That's a very interesting story; I didn't know much about Gaudi's own religious devotion, but I'd love to see a modern artist like him be recognized as a saint. Assuming he is found to be deserving of the honor, of course.