Monday, July 18, 2005

On the Sixteenth Sunday of the Year, 2005

This is a day of contradictions: the height of summer in a world which seems to us to be defined by the cold despair of winter. But we remember that it is in winter, when everything is frozen into the intimate warmth of the earth that the grain prepares for a new spring.

When you sow things they seem to become lost. You cannot find, or hope to find the mustard seed again. The wheat appears to be rotten and worthless. And Jesus says this, in the presence of God, is actually the solution: a promise of spring, resurrection, and life!

The answer of a Christian to the questions of the world is different from that of the politicians and the media. It is not revenge, not taking upon ourselves the separation of the 'darnel' and the wheat. And our peculiar element of hope is that in a communal sharing of suffering, new seeds of empathy and heroism will grow. Paul asks how we can even pray amongst this suffering, and then gives us the answer: for us, this is the travail before a new birth! And what we acknowledge that we cannot fix our God can transform.

Sermon: Fr. Benedito, Diocese of Westminster, London
Image: Millet 'The Angelus'


Filia Dei said...

From the Navarre commentary

"This weed--'cockle', or 'darnel'--looks very much like wheat and can easily be mistaken for it until the ears appear. If it gets ground up with wheat it contaminates the flour and any bread made from that flour causes severe nausea when eaten.

In the East personal vengeance sometimes took the form of sowing cockle among an enemy's wheat. Roman law even prescribed penalties for this crime.

Rock said...

Dearest Polly,
Please e-mail me the link to your blog so that it is not so difficult to visit it! I love you greatly and I miss talking to you, especially right now when I could use some of your insight greatly.
much love,
the roaming gnome :-) Pete

Filia Dei said...

Good to hear from you, my bro! I shall transcribe link as requested.

But just wanted to warn you I will probably have to delete this message shortly as you have addressed me by a Christian name. Since I've taken that job at the CIA I've been trying to avoid letting that happen here... ;-)

P.S. You are not a Gnome! Whence comest this singlular misappropriation of verbosity!!