Wednesday, July 20, 2005 is through poetry that the soul is most adequately described...

The human soul is not a complete, static, unchanging, monolithic existence.

It is being in the state of becoming and in the process of becoming; the soul must bring to fruition those predispositions with which it was endowed when coming into the world; however, it can develop them only through activation.

... The soul is housed in a body on whose vigor and health its own vigor and health depend — even if not exclusively nor simply.

On the other hand, the body receives its nature as body—life, motion, form, gestalt, and spiritual significance — through the soul.

The world of the spirit is founded on sensuousness which is spiritual as much as physical: the intellect, knowing its activity to be rational, reveals a world; the will intervenes creatively and formatively in this world; the emotion receives this world inwardly and puts it to the test.
-Edith Stein

Images: 'The Lady of Shalot' by: William Holman Hunt (top left) and John William Waterhouse


healthily sanguine said...

You have an absolutely beautiful blog. I really have never seen such a pretty looking blog page, complete with illustrations for every post. If you're going to do it, you do it. I commend your efforts!


Filia Dei said...

Thank you very much for the complement!

But may I ask, with Shakespeare, 'who is Sylvia?' and how you found me? Just a bit intrigued!