Thursday, July 14, 2005

Generous Love

"Be witnesses to Christ among other people of your own age. In this way give vigour to your lives as believers secure in committing yourselves to a great cause, and you will be able to perceive more effectively the voice of the Spirit.

And if this voice calls you to a higher and more generous love, do not be afraid. Take courage: Christ is calling you and the whole world awaits you!

Remember that the Kingdom of God has need of your generous and total dedication. Do not be like the rich young man who, when invited by Christ, was unable to accept but remained with his possessions and sadness, even though Jesus had glanced at him with love. Be like the fishermen who, when they were called by Jesus, left everything promptly to become fishers of men. " John Paul II, 1989

Please join me and Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha to pray for World Youth Day 2005- 33 Day countdown!

Image: William Allard- Midwife Bedami Devi holds an abandoned baby girl found under a bridge

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